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CJ Falconer

With over a decade of experience as a personal trainer and coach, CJ is a firm believer that living a healthy lifestyle shapes not only your body but also who we are and how we live. CJ has had monumental success with transforming women to a fitness level and weight loss they have never previously seen before. As a football player at FAU he learned the importance of discipline, hard work and sacrifice, and he instills those same principles in his daily personal training/group training classes.


Parker’s mission is to help you become the best you can be. Understanding the importance of individuality, each program he develops is created to highlight your best traits and to reach your specific fitness goals. Let Parker help you become what you would define as the best version of yourself. A Boca Raton native, Parker is passionate about working in and giving back to the community he grew up in.

Zacchaeous Brooks

After being one of the top wide receiver prospects in the country Zac spent four years at Clemson University before going to the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL. His experience at these high level organizations is what sets him apart from most trainers. Zak brings an intensity and knowledge to his personal training sessions that is unmatched and seldom seen. His sport specific training of young athletes is where he shines, Zac has worked with tennis, baseball, track and of course football athletes bringing their games to levels they haven’t seen before.

From San Jose, CA, Daniel Williams possesses nearly 20 years of professional training experience along with sports performance coaching. He specializes in functional training for improved mobility, circuit training for enhanced conditioning, sports performance enhancement, and health & fitness lifestyle coaching. Daniel’s values include professionalism, enthusiasm, integrity, commitment, and authenticity. Daniel leads the H.E.A.T. group class at Johnny O’s Gymnasium 

Curtis “Dubbleup” Washington is a VIP Fitness Coach who specializes in getting you camera ready by reducing body fat, increasing lean muscle development, and creating healthy sustainable habits. He is a NASM certified personal trainer, as well as a corrective exercise specialist and an exercise specialist an a certified NCSF strength coach. Curtis prides himself in client results and puts as much focus on the mental aspects of fitness and he does on the physical. Reach out to Curtis to learn more about how you can upgrade your body.


Amanda is a fitness enthusiast specializing in personal one on one training as well as group class training with focusing on targeting glute building. Her passion for fitness is about conquering the body and mind connection to achieve the goal of being both physically and mentally strong. 

In her own words:

“My journey taught me that transformation starts from within – If not you, then who?”

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