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Johnny O's Hybrid Training Package

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The Hybrid training package is powered by the Trainnr App. Johnny O’s gyms values a results based experience for all of its members. To help ensure members have a cost effective solution to increase results and achieve health and fitness goals quicker they have teamed up with the Trainnr team to bring a hybrid training solution. This package is called a hybrid training package because it combines traditional in-person training at a gym with a digitally created workout plan.

This membership tier comes with a fully customized follow along workout program that will be designed and delivered to you through the Trainnr App. It also includes free workout programs that you can follow in Johnny O’s gym or at home (for select workouts).

The Hybrid training package costs just $120/month and includes full access to the indoor and outdoor gym facilities. When you compare that to the price of a personal training session which averages $70/hour this comes at a great price as you will get at least 12 custom designed workouts a month. If you were to do the same number of sessions with a personal trainer you’d be spending well over $800/month.

Every custom workout plan will include at least 12 custom workouts a month and can include as much 20 workouts at no additional costs. Most of these workout plans will be designed so that you have 3 or 4 workouts to follow each week.

Once you have signed up for the Hybrid training package at Johnny O’s gym, you will be sent an email from the Trainnr team usually in the next 48 hours (May be 72 hours with weekends and holidays).

This email will contain a signup link to signup for the Trainnr app and a form link to answer a brief questionnaire.

Once you have signed up and filled out the questionnaire a certified personal trainer on our team will create and deliver a custom workout program for you to follow along in the app. You can expect to get your custom workout delivered in the app in about a week’s time.

You complete these workouts by opening the app and following along with the custom designed workout that is scheduled for the day. All of these workouts can be completed at Johnny’s gym as we have ensured that our team will only assign exercises that can be completed at Johnny O’s gym.

For any membership or gym related questions please contact Johnny O’s support team or front desk.

For any questions directly related to the app, the custom designed program, or any technical issues with the app you may be facing please contact Trainnr’s support team at support@trainnr.com.

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