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Hidden benefits

The secret to Johnny Olsen’s performance

They say you need to do something 10,000 times to become an expert at it. If that’s the case then I’m definitely an expert barista, I’ve estimated having made over 75,000 cups of coffee over the last several decades. I actually went to coffee school in Seattle Washington 20 years ago, it was a two day course that I attended to learn more about the history of coffee. Over the years I have invested in several very high-end coffee machines, while I was in Seattle 20 years ago I came across a roasting company by the name of Caffé D’arte. They are Italian roasters in Seattle Washington and have been in business for several decades. They are not your usual coffee roasters. If you want to be a vendor of their coffee you must go through a strict training procedure and you are taught about the 24 second pour. No more or no less than 24 seconds gives you the perfect Coffee. This isn’t done very easily the grind of the coffee is extremely important it can’t be too corse and it can’t be too fine. Caffé D’arte is a rare company who puts quality and experience over profit, they believe in putting out the finest product regardless of the cost and education to do so, they believe the money will follow after the product is superbly delivered. That’s why I have been using their product for 20 years now.

The benefits of coffee are very overlooked in my opinion, not only does it supply you with great energy but it also helps with thinking more clear, can help protect you from Alzheimer’s and dementia as well as type two diabetes. Remember caffeine can help your metabolic rate between 4% to 11% which will increase fat burning.

It can also diminish depression and just make you happier. I enjoy my coffee every day and don’t over do it, this way I always continue to have the same enjoyment I get every morning I wake up.


Article written by Johnny Olsen.


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